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Blynzz Coffee Roasters, Beechworth, North East Victoria

Pure, silky, dark coffee swirls against white china. A rich, alluring aroma overwhelms your senses. Close your eyes, feel the steam, immerse yourself in the textures, aroma and complex flavours of the perfect roast, that is Blynzz Coffee.

Ben and Lyn of Blynzz Coffee Roasters, are serious about coffee excellence. Every green coffee bean is custom roasted to achieve the perfect balance of flavour, aroma, colour and texture.

Share the passion, indulge in the ultimate award winning coffee experience with Blynzz.

The Blynzz Coffee Roasters and Café, located in Beechworth, store and roast their green coffee beans in the shop, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience the process of coffee roasting while enjoying their coffee and a meal. Four different coffee roasts are available via espresso. Alternatively sit at the brew bar to try cold drip, pour over or siphon brewing techniques. All of the current 19 bean, predominantly from Africa and South America, are freshly roasted and sold whole or ground to your needs. Orders can be made via our website or contact us for information on pricing.

Blynzz is the only commercial coffee roaster in North East Victoria, offering custom roasting and blending for businesses who wish to create their own signature flavour. Contact us for information on pricing.

Blynzz Coffee, serious coffee not snobbish.

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